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Research Support 1

(Lab Assistant)

School of Food Science

Open for Recruitment:  October 25, 2012 - November 4, 2012
Announcement #:  24101058434
Pay Rate:  $8.00/hr
Full or Part Time:  Part Time
Shift:  10-20 hours week
Location: Moscow

This position is contingent upon the continuation of work and/or funding.

Materials Required:
    Online Application
    Letter of Qualification
    Job References



Perform and assist in general group and laboratory operations tasks; bacterial sample preparation and laboratory analysis maintenance of instruments and laboratory; documentation of analytical results and quality control.  May also assist in conducting experiments. 



Responsibility, % of Time, Essential/Marginal


Assists with day-to-day laboratory operations by:   80% of Time, Essential


Making media or other reagents, autoclaving and disposing of bio hazardous waste, washing laboratory equipment and glassware, maintaining of inventory, some equipment maintenance, and assisting graduates with experiments


Performs experiments and carries out laboratory research by: 20% of Time, Marginal


Assisting graduates with their experiments as needed.




Knowledge of:

        scientific principles.

        computer hardware and software programs.


Demonstrated ability to:

        perform a variety of specialized tasks and laboratory/field techniques specific to the needs of the position.

        operate, maintain, calibrate, troubleshoot and resolve basic problems with instruments and equipment.

        keep records and compile written information for reports.

        follow good safety practices.

        utilize good interpersonal and communications skills.


Willingness and ability to: 

        work with toxic, volatile, corrosive chemicals and/or carcinogenic substances.

        work in adverse environmental conditions.

        carry and/or lift materials up to 50 pounds.


Must be:  Duties of this position require candidates to be at least eighteen years of age.


**Employment may be contingent upon successful completion of a criminal and driving background investigation.**




Experience in: 

        microbiology and/or molecular biology lab techniques.


To enrich education through diversity, the University of Idaho is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.