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Program Coordinator

(Assistant Director for Programs, Womens Center)

Womens Center

Open for Recruitment:  October 24, 2013 - November 24, 2013
Announcement #:  19314005502
Salary Range:  $27,104.00-$33,422.00
Full or Part Time:  Full Time
Shift:  10-Month (Aug - May)
Location: Moscow

Materials Required:
    Online Application
    Letter of Qualification
    Job References

Major Function:
Reporting to the Women’s Center Director, the Assistant Director for Programs is independently responsible for the development and implementation of strategic educational initiatives, programs, and outreach to sustain and strengthen institutional support for all University of Idaho students, faculty, and staff, with an emphasis on addressing the specific needs of women, teaching about gender issues, dynamics, and the intellectual and social construction of feminism, and promoting equity and gender justice on campus. The Assistant Director for Programs oversees all aspects of the Center’s programmatic and educational outreach, including assessing constituent needs and designing and implementing leadership, support, and educational programs that respond effectively to stated needs and diversity strategic goals related to gender and intersections with other diversity dimensions. The Assistant Director for Programs serves as a liaison to academic departments in developing and facilitating co-curricular programming related to service-learning, volunteer, and internship opportunities, and serves as advisor and consultant to other Student Affairs units, academic departments, and affiliated student groups and organizations. The Assistant Director for Programs plays a key role in the development of campus-wide strategies, and support and advocacy initiatives, to promote an equitable campus environment that is conducive to the successful retention and advancement of women. The Assistant Director for Programs must demonstrate and employ excellent skills of judgment and discretion when making decisions in matters that are often of great significance to the unit and the institution at large. The Women’s Center is frequently a location for first reporting of critical situations, and the Assistant Director for Programs must deploy the skills necessary for assessing situations, including domestic and sexual violence, and determining course of action. As the authorized lead staff member in the Director’s absence, the Assistant Director for Programs is often required to make decisions without immediate direction or supervision.
Coordinate and communicate Women’s Center mission and program objectives: (70%, Essential)     

·         Independently develop and implement, and advise Women’s Center Director on, strategic educational initiatives, programs, and outreach to sustain and strengthen institutional support for all University of Idaho students, faculty, and staff, with an emphasis on: addressing the specific needs of women; promoting equity; encouraging the growth and development of individuals; develop and deliver educational outreach on gender issues and feminism; and provide opportunities to examine and foster social change related to gender justice.

·         Coordinate and oversee all program-related logistics, including: assessing constituent needs, and designing and implementing leadership, support, and educational programs that respond effectively to stated diversity goals and constituent needs.

·         Oversee contracts and service agreements with external clients that commit the Center in matters with significant financial impact.

·         Conceptualize, facilitate, and support co-curricular services related to academic service-learning, volunteer, and internship opportunities, and serve as advisor and consultant to other Student Affairs units, academic departments, and affiliated student groups and organizations.

·         Develop program evaluations and implement assessment activities, including conducting interviews, focus groups, and meetings with constituents and participants, to assess the effectiveness of programs and generate program-related data linked to University of Idaho learning outcomes, and Women’s Center objectives and goals.

·         Provide statistics and statistical analysis  for, and write as directed, annual and other reports and determine programmatic goals. 

·         Provide annual budget projections for program needs, and ensure good management and stewardship of available financial resources.

·         Formulate, effect, interpret, and implement internal and campus-wide policies and operating procedures to accomplish the mission of the University and the Women’s Center.

·         In the Director’s absence, serve as the designated authority in the Women’s Center; effectively represent the Women’s Center leadership, and independently engage in high-level decision-making as management proxy.

·         Actively participate in long-range unit-level, divisional, and institutional-level strategic planning initiatives.

·         Participate in, and when necessary, provide leadership for team meetings for the Women’s Center, Division of Diversity & Human Rights, Dean of Students Office, and other units.

·         Serve on campus-wide committees, working groups, and task forces.

·         Develop and cultivate community contacts and collaborations; coordinate and participate in community relations, committees, and events.

·         Respond effectively and appropriately, both in person, on the phone, and in writing, to sensitive or controversial issues which require high-level public relations and interpersonal communication skills with constituents.

·         Respond to academic CFPs and present research papers as possible at national/regional conferences as a member of NWWSA, NWSA, ACPA, or other related professional groups. 

·         Supervise student staff (work study), IH staff, student interns, and volunteers.

·         Provide opportunities for internal team growth and development.


Oversee promotion of Women’s Center events and activities: (15%, Essential)                         

·         Oversee content and timely maintenance of the Women’s Center social media forums (website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Shutterfly, etc.).

·         Develop, design, write, and distribute, the weekly “What’s Up Weekly” e-newsletter and maintain related listservs.

·         Develop, design, write, and distribute press releases, posters, flyers, flat screen displays, and other forms of promotion and advertising; collaborate with UI Marketing & Communications, The Argonaut, and local print and radio media to develop articles and other publicity regarding the Women’s Center’s programs and activities.


Contribute to collective team effort: (15%, Marginal)                                                                 

·         Network and cooperate with University of Idaho departments, academic programs, and local community organizations to promote collaborative working relationships.

·         Network with peer academic institutions, both locally, regionally, and nationally.

·         Demonstrate willingness and ability to attend a significant number of evening and weekend programs, as required.

·         Serve as management representative in the Women’s Center Director’s absence; perform other tasks as assigned by the Director.

·         Assist and provide leadership on projects for the Division of Diversity & Human Rights and the Division of Student Affairs units when needed.

Education/Professional Experience:  Bachelor’s degree in related area and 3+ years of related work experience; or Master’s degree in related field or an equivalent combination of education and experience totaling 7+ years.
Knowledge of:  Local, state, and federal laws relating to the program/project area; computer operation and software programs, including graphic design programs; program planning and implementation; conducting independent research; designing and conducting training programs; and providing liaison with customer/provider groups.
Experience:  Developing; recommending, and evaluating program procedures and recommending changes; developing technical written materials such as policies, technical manuals or rules/regulations; providing technical program assistance to staff; gathering, assembling, correlating, and analyzing facts; devising solutions to problems; writing concise reports, and developing and evaluating policies and procedures.
Communication: Excellent organizational, interpersonal, and written and oral communication skills.
Ability to: Travel, work weekends, after regular business hours and holidays.
Specific to this position: Demonstrated knowledge of gender equity and women’s issues, feminism and gender/sexuality studies, dynamics of oppression, and social justice/social change.
Must:  Applicants who are selected as final possible candidates must be able to pass a criminal background check.*

·         Master’s degree in Student Personnel Administration, Student Affairs, Counseling, Adult Learning, Communications, Sociology, Women’s Studies, or related field.

·         Experience working effectively with women and other underrepresented populations.

·         Demonstrated knowledge of gender issues in higher education.

·         Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with Student Affairs and other university professionals, academic faculty, and external partners.

·         Experience with university-level Women’s Center leadership activities and programming; ability to understand, develop, and implement Women’s Center-specific program objectives.

·         Experience handling crisis situations and providing advocacy on highly sensitive topics.

·         Experience providing training on sexual assault prevention, anti-bias advocacy, and other issues that promote a healthy and inclusive community.

·         Ability to employ excellent judgment and discretion when making decisions in matters of great significance. 

·         Ability to make critical decisions without immediate direction or supervision.

·         High level of skill and ability in writing, organizing, delegating and time management, public relations and interpersonal communications, and oversight of interns and volunteers.

·         Sound knowledge of techniques and procedures used in program development, planning, and coordination.

·         Proven ability to effectively manage a variety of projects simultaneously.



To enrich education through diversity, the University of Idaho is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.