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(Research Hydrologist)

Idaho Water Resources Research Institute

Open for Recruitment:  June 12, 2013 - July 12, 2013
Announcement #:  15496053169
Salary Range:  $32,178 - $47,840
Full or Part Time:  Full Time
Location: Boise

This position is contingent upon the continuation of work and/or funding.

Materials Required:
    Online Application
    Letter of Qualification
    Job References

Major Function: 

The incumbent will plan, implement, coordinate, and review a variety of complex hydrogeological programs and projects; provide expert advice in related program areas, negotiate resolution of environmental and/or regulatory issues and provide support for IWRRI applied research and training projects associated with ground water modeling and hydrologic research projects in the Snake River Plain, Rathdrum Prairie and other projects directed through IWRRI. This position works under the direction of the IWRRI Director in Boise.

Responsibility: (% of time, Essential/Marginal)

Quantitative analysis of water budget components using spreadsheets and other computer tools by: 60% / E

  • Acquiring data from government and private resources, relating to geographic coordinate systems as necessary, and conducting quantitative analysis of water budget components with spreadsheets or custom computer programs.


Quantitative analysis for ground water modeling efforts by: 20% / E

  • Preparing and modifying MODFLOW input data sets for models in the Snake River Plain, Rathdrum Prairie, and other areas that may be addressed, providing graphical and analytical analysis of model outputs potentially in the form of response functions, checking inputs and model results, operation of the GIS/Fortran based model input program to assist in development of model input.

Communication with agencies and water users by: 10% / E

  • Preparation of reports and presentations including detailed presentation on analysis procedures to technical committees, more general reports and presentations to lay audiences, and journal articles when appropriate, and contributing to maintenance of the IWRRI Idaho Falls web site.

Maintenance of data archives and procedures by: 5% / E

  • Maintaining a written record of all work accomplished in this position and maintaining data archives for projects by storing of files in a documented and orderly manner on CDs or portable hard drives


Contribute to team effort by: 5% / M

  • Attending technical meetings internally within IWRRI and with external technical committees as needed and providing assistance to other team members when needed to promote team productivity and harmony.
  • BS degree in science or engineering with training in surface and ground water hydrology
  • Some knowledge of GIS, modeling concepts.
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision
  • Ability to perform quantitative analysis
  • Ability to establish effective working relationships
  • Demonstrated ability to produce neat, well-organized work
  • Experience with Excel, Power Point, Word or equivalent software
  • Good technical writing and speaking skills

Must:  Applicants who are selected as final possible candidates must be able to pass a criminal background check.*

  • MS degree in science or engineering with training in surface and ground water hydrology
  • GIS training and skills
  • Ground water modeling experience
  • Experience with hydro-logic water budgets
  • Computer programming experience
  • Web site development skills



To enrich education through diversity, the University of Idaho is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.