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Research Scientist 1

(TWO POSITIONS Taylor Wilderness Research Station Manager )

College of Natural Resources

Open for Recruitment:  October 5, 2012 - November 12, 2012
Announcement #:  13504061456
Salary Range:  $32,177.60 - $55,016
Full or Part Time:  Full Time
Location: Cascade

This position is contingent upon the continuation of work and/or funding.

Materials Required:
    Online Application
    Job References
    Letter of Qualification

***There are two positions available.***




Working as a research scientist and manager the incumbent is responsible for facilitating and supporting field station research programs performed by faculty and students. Facilitate and support field station teaching programs, based on qualifications and experience, these could include planning and conducting research, writing proposals, developing and instructing classes and assisting scientists in their research. Schedule and coordinate field station activities with researchers, teachers, and visitors. Maintain wilderness resource monitoring programs, collecting and analyzing data and samples from those programs. Represent the field station to federal and state management personnel, researchers, visitors, outfitters, guides, and commercial pilots.


Plan, supervise, and perform maintenance and repair of the site facilities and report facilities problems, activity, and business operations to supervisors. Management duties will be shared by two people with joint appointments. The manager(s) hired to this position would be expected to cohabitate with another person in a remote area in a very small cabin for up to 12 months.




Provide Research Project Management by:         30%  Essential

         Researching and identifying Fish and wildlife patterns and habitats for multiple species;

         Analyzing and collecting data of surrounding wilderness ecosystem;

         Facilitating and supporting field station research programs performed by faculty and students by providing expertise in wilderness setting;

         Analyzing wilderness research possibilities and interacting with project collaborators having the expertise and knowledge to complement and broaden research activities at Taylor Wilderness Research Station.(TWRS) ;

         Providing oversight of data management to researchers and principal investigators. Write reports detailing outcomes of research projects; making suggestions to management for further research activities at TWRS;

         Supervising temporary employees and graduate students to accomplish research and project objectives while stationed at TWRS;

         Maintain wilderness resource monitoring programs by gathering and entering data in ongoing data sets and providing analysis and reports.


Develop and Support Research and Teaching Projects and Publications by:         25%  Essential

         Facilitating and supporting field station teaching programs by helping in the coordination of instructors for students and teaching wilderness related courses;

         Planning, organizing, administering and implementing research projects; including managing budgets, tracking project progress, and coordinating meetings between collaborators;

         Identifying, developing and possibly submitting competitive grant proposals that involve a diverse scope for the use of Taylor Wilderness Research Station;

         Providing assistance to graduate student research projects and co-author publications for graduate students and other project collaborators;

         Organizing and updating a collection of Taylor Wilderness Research Station publications and reports, assisting with completing of TWRS project database and bibliography.


Managing Wilderness Research Facility by:        40%  Essential

         Scheduling and coordinating field station activities with researchers, teachers, and visitors. Interacting with external and internal clientele to arrange for lodging, obtaining information and gather data, responding to inquiries; communicating with visitors regarding scheduling, registration forms, and research permits; composing correspondence in rough and final forms; using word processing/computer programs to generate documents, reports, charts and tables; maintaining office records related to meetings, correspondence, and related business.

         Keeping financial billings up-to-date through the college fiscal office;

         Communicating regularly with the Dean, and facilities manager regarding management and maintenance of the Taylor Wilderness Research Station;

         Planning, supervising, and performing maintenance and repair of the site facilities. Coordinating and implementing construction projects; maintaining grounds, air strip, buildings, equipment, and livestock (if any). Maintaining TWRS power equipment, domestic water and hydroelectric system, irrigation and hay pasture. Anticipates problems and needs, and communicates issues to the appropriate supervisor;

         Representing the field station to federal and state management personnel, researchers, visitors, outfitters, guides, and commercial pilots;

         Housekeeping/cleaning facilities will be part of the duties; Lifting and carrying items weighing up to 50 pounds;

         Communicating about incoming and outgoing plane traffic via, satellite phone, and computer or back country radio. Hosting and facilitating the needs of visiting researchers, instructors, and students. This person will act as the primary contact for TWRS.


Contribute to team effort by:    5%  Marginal

         Hosting and facilitating the needs of University personnel and agency researchers conducting fish and wildlife surveys;

         Performing additional duties as assigned.




B.S. or B.A. degree in forestry, natural resources, botany, horticulture, or related field as appropriate to the scientific research discipline plus 7+ years of experience in the research discipline or closely related field


M.S degree in related field as appropriate to the scientific research discipline plus 1+ years of experience in the research discipline or closely related field


Ph.D. degree in related field as appropriate to the scientific research discipline


Good knowledge of: research methods; principles of statistics; sampling theory and probability theory.


Experience: writing reports or materials; compiling and analyzing data and drawing conclusions; using software or spreadsheet software to perform analysis; interpreting and communicating (orally and in writing) material into information usable by a diverse target audience.


Ability to: secure external grants and contracts; originate, develop, direct and independently complete research programs; establish collaborative and cooperative scientific relationships.


Some positions may require a valid driverís license, conduct field research, ability to operate a vehicle, and background check.


Specific to the position:


Demonstrated ability to: perform skilled construction and maintenance, such as carpentry, electrical, and plumbing; operate and maintain shop equipment; operate hand and power tools.


Physical ability to: lift and carry up to 50 pounds.


Willingness and ability to: live in a very remote location without regular or frequent contact to the outside world; cohabitate cooperatively with another person in a very small cabin.



         Field experience in forestry, fisheries, wildlife, range, and/or wildland recreation

         Teaching experience

         Ability to deal with public in a professional and collegial fashion

         Experience managing a remote facility.

         Experience handling and feeding horses and/or mules

         Experience packing with livestock on remote trails


To enrich education through diversity, the University of Idaho is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.