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Research Scientist 3

(Information Assurance Research Scientist)

Center for Secure and Dependable Systems

Open for Recruitment:  August 6, 2012 - September 2, 2012
Announcement #:  12311085121
Salary Range:  $44,200 - $78,375 / yr
Full or Part Time:  Full Time
Location: Moscow

This position is contingent upon the continuation of work and/or funding.

Materials Required:
    Online Application
    Job References
    Letter of Qualification



The new research scientist will assist with information assurance research and instructional activities related to the Idaho Global Entrepreneurial Mission (I:GEM), NSA Center of Excellence (CAE), and NSF CyberCorps program, and ongoing externally funded research currently underway in the Center for Secure and Dependable Systems (CSDS). In particular, the research scientist will assist in current research involving the design, analysis and testing of software components associated with high assurance computing systems. This includes formal specification, verification and validation, coding, testing and deployment of components on a testbed. This person will also interface with industry in support of IGEM goals of technology transfer and establishing working relationships with industry partners. Experience with information assurance research is required. The person is expected to prepare manuscripts for submission to peer-reviewed journals and presentations for at national meetings. The incumbent will interact with and supervise laboratory technicians, graduate students, and undergraduate students.




Technology transfer and interactions with industry partners by:               10%  Essential

         Meet with industry partners to facilitate technology and knowledge transfer, to catalog and categorize industry needs related to information assurance research and education activities at the University of Idaho;

         Attend meetings with active and potential industry partners to further the mission of CSDS with an emphasis on satisfying the goals of the IGEM program;

         Assist in developing and executing collaborative research and development projects with industry partners.


Originate and conduct research in high assurance computing systems including supervision of graduate and undergraduate students by:       45%  Essential

         Originating in one or more of the following tasks for the high assurance software system research: developing mathematical models for high assurance computing systems; researching the applicability of various security policies for high assurance systems, establishing and coordinating experiments utilizing a high assurance system testbed; designing, documenting, testing and deploying of different high assurance software components;

         Designing and developing of new computer security technologies including software, hardware and/or system level architectures;

         Evaluating and analyzing of proposed computer security technologies, architectures and or methodologies;

         Providing aid in the research training of undergraduate and graduate students by demonstrating methods and techniques of scientific research, including techniques involving software engineering, proper housekeeping, laboratory safety, recording of experiments in laboratory notebooks, and the development of observational and thought skills necessary for the mastery of the scientific method;

         Collaborating with the CSDS research projects when appropriate. The research scientist is expected to aid laboratory colleagues in the troubleshooting of instruments, experiments, design of experiments, and data interpretation;

         Conducting information assurance research on newly funded projects;

         Managing portions of externally funded research grants;

         Managing the storage and protection of confidential, proprietary and export-controlled information.


Preparation and presentation of research papers for peer-reviewed journals and conferences by:         10%  Essential

         Providing aid in the production of manuscripts for submission to peer-reviewed journals or conferences at a frequency of 4 or greater per year, in the oral review of current literature for weekly research group meetings, in the oral review of the research scientists research in weekly group meetings, in the preparation of status reports to funding agencies, and in the oral presentation of research results and conclusions in appropriate scientific meetings. These duties include but do not exclusively require fluency in the use of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint computer programs.


Information Assurance instruction by:   15%  Essential

         Aiding Information Assurance faculty in the delivery of information assurance courses;

         Teaching information assurance courses for the CS department as agreed upon between CSDS director and CS department chair.


Information Assurance coordination activities related to NSA CAE and NSF CyberCorps programs by:    5%  Marginal

         Providing interaction with partners at other institutions of higher education. Providing aid in the production of reports and presentations related to CAE and CyberCorps programs for delivery to funding agencies and program partners.


Grant Proposal Writing and Submission by:        10%  Essential

         Preparation and submission of research grant proposals for external funding with priority emphasis on obtaining sufficient funds for future self-funding of this position and support student researchers;

         Meet with program managers to discuss potential new research opportunities.


Support of CSDS Mission by:      5%  Marginal

         Other duties in support of CSDS faculty and the CSDS mission as assigned by the CSDS Director.





B.S. or B.A. degree in computer science or a related field as appropriate to information assurance plus 11+ years of experience in information assurance or closely related field


M.S degree in computer science or related field as appropriate to information assurance plus 5+ years of experience in information assurance or closely related field


Ph.D. degree in computer science or related field as appropriate to information assurance plus 3+ years of experience in information assurance or closely related field.


Good knowledge of: research methods; principles of statistics; sampling theory and probability theory.


Experience: writing reports or materials; compiling and analyzing data and drawing conclusions; using software or spreadsheet software to perform analysis; interpreting and communicating (orally and in writing) material into information usable by a diverse target audience.


Demonstrated ability to: secure external grants and contracts; originate, develop, direct and independently complete complex research programs; establish and maintain collaborative and cooperative scientific relationships.


Some positions may require a valid driverís license, conduct field research, ability to operate a vehicle, and background check.


Specific to the position:


Good knowledge of: software design and analysis


Experience in developing and testing complex software



         Graduate Degree in Computer Science with an emphasis in Information Assurance

         5 years research and/or development experience, with an emphasis in Information Assurance research and development.

         Prior publications in the field of high-assurance systems or computer and network security.

         Demonstrated ability to: manage small teams of student researchers

         Two semesters of undergraduate CS teaching

         Supervision experience

         Experience working with industry partners on high assurance solutions

         Ability to: Communicate results of research to technical audiences

         Good knowledge of computer and network security


To enrich education through diversity, the University of Idaho is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.